Referee’s Theory Test

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SKA referees theory test v3.0 (15/1/2015)

This version of the SKA korfball referee’s theory test is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions. Questions are presented sequentially within several categories (e.g. scoring, travelling, hindering). You are allowed to skip questions and return to them later if you want. All questions are weighted equally (i.e. 1 point per correct answer, 0 points for incorrect answers). No feedback is given during the test, but your overall score is displayed at the end. There is a time-limit of 1 hour to complete the test.

In some situations the word ‘scores’ is used. This does not mean that a goal has been scored but that the ball has dropped through the korf from above. It is for you to decide in each case whether it is a goal or something else and answer accordingly.

All questions were originally sourced from the English Korfball Association in 2012, and the SKA is grateful to Graham Crafter for making them available for SKA use. Several questions have been modified slightly, with answers brought up to date, to reflect minor changes in the IKF’s Rules of Korfball, 2015.